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Voice from the Oasis

Voice from the Oasis was a Call In radio show hosted by Loretta. It was part of the Chat With Women Network on Alternative Talk 1150 AM KKNW and aired from 2013 to 2015. Every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 8:00 am Loretta shared her teachings, her meditations, her song, and her gifts with Radio Listeners. Loretta connected to Guides and Angels for answers. Each show is designed to offer practical and useful tools, teachings, and messages to help you find your way to your very own Beautiful Life. You can download free episodes here.
Sarasvati, Flowing Goddess of Knowledge, Music, Inspiration, Technology and Intuition
Goddess Kali
Parvati, Goddess of Love and Sacred Marriage
Goddess Sita and Cinderella
Hawaii and Pele
Chinese System of Food Cures
Rosemary Ellen Guiley – Psychic Powers and Angels
Decrees, Declarations and the Power of the Spoken Word
Reiki, Energy and Angel Messages
Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Metaphysical and Paranormal Expert