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Reiki Treatment



What to Expect

During a treatment session, the client will remain fully clothed, except for possibly their shoes. The Reiki practitioner first fills their body with the universal life-force energy, and then sends this energy out through their hands and into their client’s body, giving every cell an opportunity to heal, harmonize, and balance down to the DNA level, and return to its anatomically perfect state. The Reiki Master/practitioner has been "attuned" to this energy and has undergone intensive training to learn how to do this. The treatment then proceeds from head to toes on the front side of the body, and then head to toes on the back, ending with body sweeps and sealing of the aura. A full body treatment lasts a little over an hour. A full body treatment is the best course of action, even though the dis-ease may appear to be localized. Many times the cause of the dis-ease is located in a different area or on a different level than the physical manifestation of the dis-ease. Reiki can treat the underlying cause of the dis-ease, as well as the dis-ease itself. A person should leave themselves a few minutes after it is over to "regroup" or think about their experience.

Response to Treatment

Most people find a Reiki treatment very relaxing, and often even fall asleep. Others may become emotional. Always, an atmosphere of acceptance and freedom to express oneself fully is created. Sometimes people say they experienced "nothing" at the time of the treatment, but several things occurred a day or so later. Reactions range from feeling better than they have in years and a total healing of the dis-ease to a purging of the body in some manner such as diarrhea, congestion, coughing up phlegm, moodiness, sore muscles, strange dreams, etc. If it appears at first that the dis-ease has gotten "worse" due to the purging of toxins caught in the body, be extremely happy, as it is a sign that the energy is taking effect, opening the chakra centers and treating the dis-ease. Once the toxins have been released, the body is ready to accept the total effects of the healing energies.  There is no limit to the number of Reiki treatments a person may receive. Reiki cannot harm you. . . only help you.

Additional Information

Is Reiki "guaranteed"?

Our Reiki Masters open channels for Reiki energy, and they use their skills to create the possibility for healing. We know many accounts of Reiki helping patients considered beyond the aid of conventional treatment, but unfortunately we can offer no guarantees. We do our best to help you with your dis-ease, but like other treatments, Reiki sometimes fails despite the best efforts. Please contact us if you have concerns about a treatment you received.