Reiki Q and A

Is Reiki “guaranteed?” Our Reiki Masters open channels for Reiki energy, and they use their skills to create the possibility for healing at all levels of ones being. We know many accounts of Reiki helping patients considered beyond the aid of conventional treatment, but we can offer no guarantees, as we do not know the Journey of the Soul for each individual. We do our best to help you with your dis-ease, but like other treatments, Reiki sometimes fails despite the best efforts. Please contact us if you have concerns about a treatment you received or are going to receive.

What does Reiki treat? Everything. Stress, grief, sadness, anger, cancer, pregnancy, cracked ribs, weight loss, stop smoking, deep healing, sleep disorders, nervousness, post-traumatic stress syndrome, etc. Reiki addresses the energetic patterns and can stop the process of a dis-ease before it is physically manifested.

What treatments do we offer? We offer in-person and distance Reiki treatments. Because Reiki utilizes energy and light, it bypasses normal concepts of time and space and can heal across distance and across time. Quantum physics is now helping us to understand these expanded views of what is possible. In this way, distance healing treatments can occur, as well as treating dis-ease carried over from childhood. The Reiki energy is simply sent by the Reiki practitioner to the point and level where the healing needs to occur – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It is not necessary that the client be aware of exactly what is causing the dis-ease, either in the present or the past. The Reiki practitioner or the Reiki energy, itself, will “know” where to go. Reiki energies can also be “sent” to meet you at an appointed time in the future.

For a distance healing, during the appointed time, one will need to find a place to lie down or sit quietly without disturbances so they are better able to receive the healing energies. This takes approximately an hour. Less intensive sessions lasting about a half hour are also available. A distance healing can be as effective as an in-person healing. Further information and instructions are available when an appointment is made.