Reiki Oasis Recommends

For Children and Pets

Reiki Oasis offers special classes and sessions for children.  Watch the online scheduler or join the free newsletter from Reiki Oasis to be informed of when classes are available.   “Heal the children, and you heal the land” is a message from Loretta and her spirit guide.   Sessions with Children do not take as long, and can often be done through Distance Reiki, especially if the child is sick or very small with a limited attention span.  Simply make an appointment at or contact for more information.   Reiki Oasis loves pets! Pets love Reiki! If you want Reiki for your dogs, cats, birds, etc, please let us know! Reiki Oasis has a very special Reiki Master dedicated to these animal people.   Please meet Sheri Morris, Reiki Master and Animal Reiki Specialist.  You can now schedule your animal reiki sessions through the online scheduler.  Please go to and click on the appropriate line.   You can make appointments for Animal Reiki with either Sheri Morris, Animal Reiki Specialist or Loretta Brown, Owner of Reiki Oasis. We prefer to do Animal Reiki through Distance Reiki with the owner on the phone, Skype or zoom during the session.  Its easier than bringing the animals in.  If you want in person Reiki on pets or animals, please contact  There is an additional charge for home visits. Please connect with our Animal Reiki at Reiki Oasis FB page: