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reiki cartoonWhat is Reiki?

So, just exactly what do you mean by …..Reiki? And how do you pronounce that?

Reiki, pronounced Ray-key, holds the keys to health, wellness and happiness, as it works with the Chi (ki) or vital Life Force Energy within a person, place, thing or even animal. Reiki assists the flow of subtle and vital energy within the body-mind system. We call it “subtle” energy, because it is “subtle, and not easily seen or felt, except by those trained to do so.

Even though Reiki Lineage all comes down to us thru Dr. Mikao Usui, its founder, the history and origins of Reiki can be traced to the far distant past, even into China, India and Tibet, and perhaps even further back. There are many forms of Chi Energy Medicine, to include such things as Qigong, Tai Chi, Acupuncture and Acupressure. When life force energy blockages are removed, emotional and mental dis-ease, as well as physical dis-ease, can be alleviated.

Reiki is gentle, noninvasive, somewhat meditative in nature, and works to help the body-mind heal, harmonize and balance itself. Reiki is effective for everything from stress relief, to being part of a more extensive medical team for life threatening dis-eases. Many hospitals incorporate Reiki Practitioners as part of their Wellness Centers. Reiki Oasis believes this is the future of Medicine.

Recently, Dr. Oz from Oprah stated, “The next big frontier in medicine, is Energy Medicine.” The truth is that people from all over the world have been practicing Energy Medicine for thousands of years. And Reiki Oasis is proud and honored to be included in that lineage of Energy Workers by offering you Reiki, as well as Vibrational and Sound Medicine.

Reiki can help ALL conditions, acute and chronic.

How many sessions do you need? Many people come every week, because it is the one hour a week they devote just to themselves and their own wellness. Many people come twice a month, or even once a month. People with life-threatening dis-ease or chronic conditions may opt for multiple seesions per week for a while, and then taper off as needed.

The best thing is simply to give Reiki a try, and see for yourself. Once experienced, it becomes easier to understand what Reiki is all about.