Reiki Oasis

A Gentle Approach to Holistic Wellbeing

Welcome to Reiki Oasis!

REIKI is an alternative approach to holistic health care. It is fast becoming the most popular and requested type of Hands-on-healing treatment in the world. Reiki works with the "Ki" or "universal life force energy" and opens the chakras so that one can receive and give healing energies and expand one’s intuition. Reiki Oasis offers in-person and distance Reiki treatments; past-life, karmic, and childhood healing treatments; training in Reiki I, II, and Master levels; guided imagery training (meet your spirit guides); and Free Soul Psychic Instruction. "Sound Advice" is also offered by Loretta Brown. This is an original musical portrait of your name composed on acoustic or electronic piano by Loretta, and presented to you on cassette tape or in person. The sound of one’s name has been found to have healing qualities all of its own.

Our Mission

To provide a gentle alternative approach to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being through Reiki treatments, guided imagery training, musical portraits, and other forms of healing.