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Spiritual Life Coaching

This is not traditional Life Coaching, but rather has to do with clearing out old patterns of belief, stored or stuffed emotional blockages, re-programming subconscious programs, re-directing your energy and focus and working at a core level to get your life up and running.

If you have been trying to make something happen in your life and have found yourself stuck or simply unable to move forward, this is for you.  If you feel that you have a deep wound, soul bruise, sadness, or simply need to be heard or validated in some way that maybe doesn’t even make sense to you, then give this a try.  The idea is that in order to embrace a new life, you have to resonate with that new life, and let go of the old resonance.  And sometimes you just need a little help getting there.

Transformational Life Coaching thru Dale Halaway and Seminars That Inspire.

Life coaching sessions can be done in person or over the phone or Skype.