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Musical Portraits

Just as an artist uses their brush to paint a portrait of you, Loretta uses the palette of sound to “paint” you from the perspective of the ear of a Musician.  This reflection can be moving and heartfelt, as you experience yourself in a way that may be quite new to you.

Loretta and her Piano

Loretta and her Piano

If you have never had a Musical Portrait done, you are in for a treat.  Loretta is an accomplished pianist and accompanist and has played the piano her whole life.  Utilizing her sensitivity to sound, vibration and subtle energy, Loretta tunes into your deeper essence from her perspective, and plays what she hears on the piano, her instrument of choice.

These gentle, reflective Musical portraits often open the Heart of the listener, and  many people have found themselves moved deeply to  the point of tears upon hearing their own special song.  Portraits are simple in nature, mostly piano, possibly with piano and strings via a synthesizer, or other instruments as directed by the Artistic and Creative Power within and the Listening Ear.

The Musical Portrait is intended for personal, non-commercial use only, and Loretta maintains the copyright to the work. Please respect Loretta’s creative rights by obtaining her written consent if you would like to use the Portrait for other reasons. Thank you.

Cost for Musical Portraits is $250. Please allow several weeks for delivery. Each Musical Portrait is unique and individual. No two are the same.

Loretta is a Cross Cultural Music in Healing Practitioner, as well as a Professional Musician.  She has studied the work of Dr. Hans Jenny, Dr. Alfred Tomatis, Mr. Emoto, has studied extensively with Pat Moffit Cook, a leading pioneer in the study and use of sound for healing purposes, and has traveled the world extensively working with indigenous healers who utilize sound, mantra, chanting and music for healing purposes.

With a degree in Music, she has also played piano for just about anything you can name, and even taught elementary music, choir and piano for years.  Loretta is a member of the National Music Teacher’s Association, and is a supporter of Music Education and private Music lessons, especially in Seattle and the Eastside.

Loretta is available for Healing Music Concerts.  Contact her directly.