Reiki Oasis Recommends

Intuitive, Psychic Training, Internal Guidance Techniques

Private sessions for Intuitive Spiritual counseling are available to address all questions one might have.

Training in the discovery and development of your own psychic potential are available utilizing the courses as set forth by Free Soul, a nonprofit, tax-exempt, public education program founded by Pete Sanders in Sedona, Arizona, in 1980 to provide training involving psychic, soul, and healing breakthroughs and your “unlimited human potential.”

Free Soul basically teaches a logical, step-by-step approach for developing your innate psychic and spiritual abilities for practical daily use. Everyone has psychic abilities, and you do not already have to be noticeably psychic to study Free Soul methods. ALL people can learn and use these skills for attaining spiritual enlightenment and life mastery.

Free Soul covers such skills as aura control and self-healing, stress reduction, blending and harmonizing with matter, energy and the universe, using psychic reception areas “on command,” controlling negativity; clearing limiting outer programming and self-programming, and experiencing the energy and protection of your spiritual guides.