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Guided imagery – Journeys

is a method of relaxation and concentration learned by an individual which enables that person to find the place of “stillness” within and to obtain many physical and mental benefits ranging from stress reduction to accelerated learning to spiritual enlightenment. There are many places a person can go on a guided imagery session, also known as an inner journey:

  • Meet your Spirit guides
  • Past Life Regression
  • Meet your Future Self
  • Find my Divine Destiny
  • Honopono – letting go of what needs to go
  • Let go of soul bruises
  • Meet your Totem animal
  • Visit the Upper world, middle world or lower world

After each session there will be an explanation or critique of what has happened utilizing archetypal symbols, and intuition. A session typically takes an hour but can go up to two hours depending on the ability and desires of the client.