CCFL Global Academy

CCFL Global Academy

CCFL (Creating Champions for Life) Global Academy is an educational organization made up of 31 Experts in their Field dedicated to a worldwide humanitarian vision of working together to heal, unite and empower families and communities, equipping them with the necessary tools to strengthen individual standards, ethics and values, while, together, raising the next generation. The PURPOSE of CCFL Global Academy is to create a movement to Truth, Wholeness and Freedom for humanity.

Loretta Brown, Spiritual Healer and Reiki Expert, is one of the 31 Experts who was asked to be a part of this Global Vision. Since Loretta believes “Heal the children, and you Heal the Land”, the CCFL Global Academy is in direct alignment with her focus of helping heal the planet.

Joining the Academy puts you in contact with online webinars, classes, instruction, and help to many of your questions from these amazing experts. This is really an online Community designed to help you change the way you look at your life, your relationships, your parenting skills, and even your faith.

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