Angel or Inner Guidance Workshops

Reiki Oasis is dedicated to helping each soul make a greater personal connection to their own Inner Guidance. As such, workshops and classes are taught in which ancient wisdom is mixed with practical application. The goal of these classes is to teach each person how to connect with, listen to and trust their own Higher inner voice.

In a world full of charlatans, imposters, and would-be master teachers, it is important to be reminded that You have the ability to make that personal connection, yourself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to connect with your Angels and Guides “on command?” Instantly? Wouldn’t it be great to know that you do not need to rely on anyone else, but that Divine Power that is personally accessible by You? Wouldn’t it be good to be able to know what is truth and what is not? >

Workshops available include:

  • Meet the Angels
  • Meet the Angels even more
  • Meet your Spirit Guides – Hey…aren’t those angels?
  • Tap Into the Higher Dimensions